October 4, 2022

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From Institutional Special Education Teacher To Rehabilitation Teacher

In any industry, there are people who are dedicated to their dedication, and some special education teachers in some institutions are definitely counted among them. To what extent is he doing his best?


Face the boss


After you are recruited with potential, it is now popular to send you to a large factory for training before entering the job. When you return from school, you can write in your introduction column that the teacher is under the door of the former boss of a certain institution and works hard. After studying the art of ABA for “several years”, the course fees and hours of the teachers who have this resume can be higher than those of the teachers who stay in the internship in this institution (about a cup of Coke).

However, your sense of superiority also comes at a price. Training. Of course, you need to pay for training. But when you first enter the workplace, your livelihood will be difficult. It must be a high-quality human boss who paid for these training fees for you. As long as you sign a three-year ban with them Business prohibition agreement (generally the boss will not tell you directly), and start your special education hong kong business with peace of mind.

Many bosses like to tell you how valuable and meaningful what you are doing, and as long as you work hard, a bright future is waiting for you, don’t need money, but chase your dreams. At this moment, there are innocent faces of children in your mind, and you are sure that this profession is really noble. Even if the probation period is 3 months, what if there is no class fee during the probation period, and rolling up the sleeves and working hard after the probation period is sure to catch up with the old employees.

In a blink of an eye, after two years of hard work, you finally reached the level of class fees worth a cup of milk tea. The boss saw that you worked hard enough and your reputation was very good. He began to arrange for you to bring new teachers. With them, you always feel that your youth is back again, hell. Yes, you obviously only graduated for 2 years. In an unintentional contact with the new teacher, you learned that the basic salary of the new teacher is a bit higher than yours. You even know that the salary of the airborne personal training supervisor is several times that of you, even in your eyes. His level is not enough for 10 years of experience, but 10 years of experience for the first 2 years.

I know that you will go to the boss for salary theory, and even ask him to raise his salary on the grounds of resignation. The boss is not afraid of your resignation. As long as the intern teacher at hand can handle it, the child’s course will not be interrupted, and your resignation will be without cost to him. He will even calmly talk to you about the ban on business prohibition agreement, so that you can truly feel what is called social beating three years after graduation.

Back in the multi-person rental house, you lie down and start to think about what you have done for this job in the past two years.


Face the parents


This is the object you find the most difficult to control. The gossip they hear when chatting with other parents may at any time let your child in hand arrange it in the hands of other teachers. During the probation period, it is often difficult to sleep at night. So you try to use the precious 10 minutes after class, talk with them sincerely, and explain that they must remember to generalize, and generalization can make him progress.

Although you don’t know what a magical operation generalization is, because you don’t even know what a day in a normal life of a child with autism looks like. In short, other teachers say so and do the same, and you will never make a mistake if you follow it. The 10 minutes you can drink can only wait until the end of the next class. Keep going, the next child is already in your hands.

In fact, you are quite curious about what the gossip is about. After all, you feel that you have done a good job. Maybe compared with other teachers, you are a little so simple and introverted, and you don’t know how to say good things to your boss and parents to praise your child’s good performance. . Because the conscience in my heart tells you that the child who has studied the classics for 2 months really hasn’t mastered the naming of “Apple”.


Face the child


As a qualified special educator, your love is beyond doubt. Even if the child was crying in the sensory class, his heart melted when he saw those big cute eyes, but cuteness is cute, and attention is really tiring. He always has to learn a lot of magic. The move makes them look at the reinforcement or the card, and the action must be quick and fast. In 10 seconds, the sound of the round ➕ reinforcement ➕ record, the most reverberating voice over the entire classroom is “Yes~”.

If you use PCI, then turn yourself into a monkey spirit. How can you exaggerate it, especially for children with low personality, you have to use the atmosphere to mobilize, but sometimes, you jump up and down the whole class, face A child who is not a bird is really anxious in his heart, the feeling that you can never catch the air, how can you explain to the parents who stop outside the door?


Face the industry


If you work hard, of course you are strict with yourself and pursue self-improvement. You need to use certificates to build a sense of industry identity and prove your teaching ability. I heard that these years, I have been hopping to a head institution, and there are few English certificate resumes that I can’t get. If you want to improve your teaching ability, online training courses, lectures, and online courses are calling you.

In order to improve their studies, some training even paid thousands of money to stay in a hotel outside for two nights, put on a skirt that is rare for a year, came to the gorgeous hotel, talked and laughed with colleagues for a few days, and took photos from the venue. It is very rare to post a few photos of experts to Moments. As for how much the experts on the stage said, it is hard to remember, anyway, the professor’s title introduction is still in my ears.

The lecture is not completely lost. The beginning of the PPT of those professors-Skinner’s life mentioned in the beginning is already thoroughly familiar. It’s not that you are not easy to learn, but you feel in a daze that the world of the hotel venue and the world of a training classroom are like two parallel worlds.


That. . . . . . . Facing yourself?


In a twisted industry, the salary is upside-down, and you post money to buy cards to apply for courses. Unknowingly you become a master of time management and the person who leaves at the end of the day, because it is possible that the conditions of your living place are not as good as the institutional office. The company does WI-FI and air conditioning. As for feelings, of course your boss hopes to digest it internally, so that you have two more stable employees.

Many people really chase their dreams if they can’t handle it, and then they are drained to realize that this is really just a dream. I don’t know if you can have a good dream while lying in bed.


The contradiction of special education teachers


The identity of the special education teacher is actually contradictory.

When you talk to someone about your career, the other person’s eyes of respect and approval make you feel like you are doing a really awesome career. This pride disappeared when you talked about income with your peers during the Chinese New Year. It makes you feel that after more than 10 years of reading books, you can’t do food delivery. After all, a pair of AJs on your feet can catch up with half a month’s salary.

But the post-90s, you are a creature who has enjoyed higher education from snacks, how can you be so short-sighted? You believe that you have been in the special education industry for decades and have worked hard. Those endless meetings, endless IEPs, can’t chew. The finished white paper, the massive online classes that you can’t listen to, you can count on it, just work hard, and one day you can become a department head. The embarrassment is that your clients, children with autism, get nothing. Yes, it is simple and straightforward to get nothing. In this child’s lifetime, your contribution does not even account for a percentage point. Whether the child is running water or the teacher in the classroom is running water, the question is that philosophy is also metaphysics.

No matter how luxurious the hotel you go to and how grand lectures and forums you listen to, no matter how rich you are in the autism industry information, this information has nothing to do with our protagonist—children with autism.

Once I volunteered to go to a child’s home, wanting to see the actual performance of the child at home. The child’s subject data record in my hands is perfect. At that time, I have been working on a lot of abstract adjective subjects. However, when I met, I found that facing the simple compound instruction “Go to the kitchen, get a cup and come to orange juice”, it was all embarrassing. state. Seeing mom and her for a long time, the true state of the child breaks through your imagination. She acted like a life idiot, and I was more like an idiot.

Humans are such a creature that likes to pursue meaning. When you see that what you pay for is the child’s false performance and progress, you will have self-doubt. It’s like selling goods on live broadcast. Even if you have the talented Li Jiaqi, the logistics will arrive the next day, and the after-sales will be like a mother who receives a defective product, the return rate will be sky-high. Since then, I have left the organization.

Later, I followed the parents to participate in the home training class of rehabilitation teacher X, and I took 2 years of children in the house, and now I go to the kindergarten. In the past two years, I have been with my children day and night, eating, drinking, peeing and peeing all through. I just touched the child with autism thoroughly, and this child turned on the hard mode for me: I have been in the institution for more than 2 years (wrong link), old age, heavy low standard.

In retrospect, the scene of taking him to the supermarket alone for the first time was really magical—–We were like two parallel lines that never intersect throughout the whole process. Compared with the feeling of fully controlling the child in the institution’s aura, it was really too tormenting. NS.

But now the meaning of wanting to come to special education lies in this. After leaving that classroom, the little guy is a child, and he has the right to free himself as much as he wants. As an intervener, what you have to do is to follow the child’s attention and needs, widen the intersection between him and the world a little bit, and open his channel of information reception. The child will make small progress every day. The telegram language is brief but brief. It comes from the children’s true intentions and thoughts. When facing obstacles, they will naturally use their brains to find ways to solve them. Occasionally, they play games and try to cheat in front of me. You don’t have to worry about herding the sheep for a few days and the children will return to the pre-liberation overnight. The whole process is like picking up sugar in glass slag, hard but real and meaningful!

Moreover, many truths about autism have been exposed. The childhood of these children is not only to seamlessly connect the classrooms of each institution, and their end is not just to take care of themselves. As long as normal means are used, it can help them to embark on a benign development track. As a teacher, your child’s entire life is really insignificant, but you, together with your parents, have taken him to avoid a lot of pitfalls and walk happily, and have a stable base. This meaning is always remembered.

Of course, the goal of rehabilitation specialist X in the industry is to cultivate excellent case teachers and guide parents to solve various problems in the intervention. During the year as a case teacher, I have been in direct contact with the lowest level of autistic families. As a special education teacher, in the organization, you always communicate with your parents with the high attitude of the instructor, outputting a bunch of predecessors or written terms, and playing word games with the parents, which is correct nonsense.

Looking back now, the parents who trusted the teacher listened carefully, but they were still powerless after going out of the institution to face their children. In fact, the trust of parents has its limits. When the trust is consumed and the children still have no progress, they turn into grief or despair.

They just want to know what I should do in the face of my child, why I do it, what will be the result of doing this, and how long will it take to achieve this result. This kind of direct life specific guidance to each goal allows them to see the progress brought about by their actual contributions, which is the basis for eliminating their anxiety and doubts and establishing the trust of teachers and parents.

I no longer talk about English vocabulary that is irrelevant to the child, and I no longer watch the child’s family status quo. It takes two years to intervene an autistic child on a benign track, and prevent the parents from peeling off the skin, and it will also toss them to death.

In this process, as a case teacher, I do my best to understand the child’s intervention resources, coordinate family relations, help parents clarify their ideas, see the obstacles between parents and children, actively communicate and explain, based on trusting parents in a timely manner To adjust themselves, let them face the biggest bug of autism in the intervention-mental internal friction and negative emotions that arise when they don’t respond, so that they can realize in time and quickly transform their emotions. Of course, in the end, I ended up with the small surprises that I often shared with me every day, and a deep revolutionary friendship was also established.

I dare not assert that Rehabilitation X is the most correct way to solve autism, but at present, it is the most non-destructive and efficient way. Because children do not know that they are in a state of being “intervened”, you can see their happiest side as children, happy and able to make progress, why not do it?

As for parents, don’t underestimate their determination and perseverance. They are willing to toss themselves for the sake of their children and are willing to be “abused” by their teachers, because after being “abused” once, they no longer fear the word ASD. My heart is really strong, and I will fight with “ASD” in the future, and my pace will be very firm.

I think this is the greatest significance of being a special education teacher.