October 4, 2022

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Live Streaming E-Commerce

What is live streaming e-commerce? Literally, the anchor is within the broadcast at an equivalent time with goods sales, which may be a new product of “living streaming + e-commerce”.

In recent years, live streaming e-commerce has depart an irresistible upsurge in China.

According to the date of iiMedia, the dimensions of the domestic live streaming Hong Kong e-commerce market has grown rapidly from 19 billion yuan in 2017 to 1,050 billion yuan in 2020, breaking through the trillion yuan mark for the primary time.

Data from the primary half 2020 showed that quite 50 billion people watched live streaming e-commerce on nationwide.

With the rapid climb of live streaming e-commerce, variety of well-known anchors like Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have also been born.

With the participation of major platforms, live streaming e-commerce shows an increasingly popular trend. In China, many overseas students has also followed the trend.

In the interview, the author learned that there’s a foreign student named Muma. He often watches live streaming e-commerce and has bought a hearing aid for his mother during this way.


The popularity of live streaming e-commerce in China has also attracted the eye and imitation of the many countries within the world.

Zhu Jianian, a cross-border e-commerce expert, said: “Live streaming e-commerce has greatly reduced the value of knowledge acquisition and it allowed merchants to succeed in new customers.

Therefore, it’s gained a firm foothold in China within the past two years and is now beginning . it’s expected to become a world mainstream in 2020.”

In fact, 2020 also can be called to be the year when the trend of live streaming e-commerce quickly swept the planet .

In February 2020, the most important retailer in Chiba Prefecture of Japan took the lead within the local live broadcast of products . It also aroused enthusiastic responses from consumers.

In April, TikTok launched a live-streaming e-commerce plan in Indonesia. it’s actively exploring the live-streaming model of cross-border e-commerce. In December, WalMart “hands in” TikTok within the USA to check the live streaming e-commerce.

And other social platforms, like Instagram, YouTube then on, have also begun to cooperate with e-commerce to make a replacement e-commerce shopping model. It`s true in South Korea .

According to its domestic statistics, the market scale of live streaming e-commerce in South Korea has reached 3 trillion won, and therefore the market of live streaming e-commerce is on the increase .

New functions

During the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2020, “Enjoy good shopping without leaving Shanghai” was not a slogan .

During the CIIE, CCTV News moved the live broadcast room to the Huanpu River, which was the primary international live streaming e-commerce.

During this era , China and other countries, like Italy and Spain, jointly administered live streaming e-commerce.

CCTV invited two famous anchors, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi to enjoy live streaming e-commerce. Politicians and representatives of the many countries praised these activities. nobody can deny that the results are remarkable.

There was a three-hour live streaming e-commerce called “Close to Italy”. it had been watched by quite 21 million people and totally sold 38 million yuan in sales.

On the second day, one among important national newspapers in Italy, “Daily”, published a special feature on its website, which is known as “Live streaming e-commerce of the Import Expo Helps “Made in Italy” Approach China”.

The dream linkage between live streaming e-commerce and therefore the CIIE has accelerated the internationalization of China`s live streaming e-commerce.

So far, live streaming e-commerce isn’t only a replacement business model for China, but also an emerging channel for international communication.

Through it, the international community may have a more comprehensive understanding of China`s development and progress. And it effectively broadens China`s channels of foreign exchanges.


Domestic live streaming e-commerce is showing an honest momentum of development. Also, cross-border live streaming e-commerce has entered a replacement era.

However, there are still many obstacles for the live streaming e-commerce to travel abroad and lots of problems that require to be solved urgently.

First, domestic anchors aren’t well-recognized overseas. live streaming e-commerce is very hooked in to language, regional culture, consumption habits then on.

As a matter of fact, albeit it’s equipped with AI voice technology, it can’t be communicated very effectively.

So this reduces the overseas spread scope of Chinese live streaming e-commerce. It enlightens e-commerce companies: if they need to travel overseas, they need to cultivate anchors who can truly go overseas.

Second, overseas users have diversified demand for the content of live streaming e-commerce. Chinese users prefer fast-speaking and emotionally-rich “hawk-style” live broadcasts.

Compared with it, overseas users pay more attention to the interesting and scientific content.

Therefore, overseas e-commerce companies may also conduct differentiated operations consistent with local conditions, such as, the differentiated needs of users for live streaming e-commerce, interactive forms, and goods categories.

Third, the worldwide battle of live streaming e-commerce has begun, and therefore the competition is fierce.

Chinese companies are faraway from the sole ones participating within the global live streaming 網上直播服務. Overseas giants like Amazon and Facebook have also participated within the competition.

What`s more, companies like TikTok have faced repeated suppression by foreign governments abroad.

Our overseas e-commerce companies got to seize overseas markets in time and gradually intensify to realize a firm foothold overseas.


The reporter learned from the interview that international students in China are conversant in live streaming e-commerce.

They also agree that “live streaming e-commerce will become a replacement way of international communication”.

With rapid development of data technology, the web is closely associated with everyone. Live streaming e-commerce is additionally a serious achievement of data and communication technologies.

We firmly believe that within the near future, live streaming e-commerce won’t only promote the interaction of data , accelerate the circulation of products , but also become a bridge connecting countries.