October 4, 2022

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Air Purifier And Coronavirus

There is still a lot to know about indoor air quality (IAQ) and the new coronavirus. First of all, the new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) is the name of the disease, and the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the virus that causes the disease. Any claim that air purification technology can treat the disease or infection is wrong. It’s like saying that an air purifier can cure the common cold. Of course air purifier hong kong can reduce the cause, but it cannot cure the disease.

Some air purification technologies have been tested against SARS virus, H1N1 virus, coronavirus and other viruses, but so far, there has not been any test data specifically for the new coronavirus. Without the support of independent laboratory data, all claims are nothing but wishful thinking. .

Advocacy, training and professional integrity: In the National Remedy and Mold Inspection Organization (NORMI), practitioners are trained to reduce the number of common microorganisms. During training, students are required not to make public judgments about specific viruses, even if they obtain clinical data. iaq hong kong professionals use cost-effective methods to collect test samples on site and provide data support for owners. By adopting an alternative test method to test a certain microorganism (such as another type of coronavirus) to confirm the effectiveness of the IAQ specification for another microorganism (such as the new coronavirus).

Demonstrate the effectiveness of the IAQ specification: Use alternative testing methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the disinfection process. It is necessary to collect samples before and after disinfection to measure the change in viral load. Professional disinfection personnel use a third-party testing agency to test the surface of the extracted object and the air sample for comparison. Once it is confirmed that the microbial load is reduced, the company will be issued a disinfection certification, indicating that the company’s disinfection continues to be effective and meets the IAQ specifications. Due obligations.

Clinical testing and field testing: The two are quite different. In a clinical environment, professionals can control the number of infections and isolate specific microorganisms to understand the principles of air purification affecting specific viruses, fungi, or bacteria. However, in reality, factors such as temperature and humidity may affect the accuracy of detection. In addition, due to different conditions such as facility usage, furnishings, number of tenants, air flow, etc., the level of infection will be affected, so it is relatively difficult to accurately identify changes in viral load.

Finally, the term “kill” is not accurate. Techniques such as multi-cluster ionization and bipolar ionization can destroy the RNA of the virus or make it lose its vitality and cannot regenerate. “Lost vitality” is different from “killing.” No matter how much air purification equipment manufacturers and distributors say, this fact cannot be changed.